My Driving

I am active forth that continued aphotic ribbon. That continued acutely boring ribbon. 155 afar to work. That’s right, 155 afar to work. Each way. 155 afar to plan and 155 afar aback home. This isn’t every day though. I yield three (3) Interstates to get to work. They are as follows:

I-395 in CT. (it acclimated to be alleged Route 52, now it is aswell alleged the ‘American Ex-Prisoner of War Memorial Highway)

I-95 in CT. (also alleged the Connecticut Turnpike)

I-287 in NY. (Also alleged the Cross-Westchester Expressway)

The I-95 area from Greenwich, CT. to I-395 in Killingly, CT. is aswell alleged the Governor John Davis Lodge Turnpike. I drive by or abreast six (6) cities or towns catastrophe in ‘ford’ and they are: Waterford, Guilford, Branford, Milford, Stratford, and Stamford. I drive by or abreast three (3) cities or towns catastrophe in ‘port’ and they are: Westport, Bridgeport, and Southport. I stop at the Travel Center of America or TA (my wife calls it T&A) in Branford to get my gas. Always at Pump # 14 (I assumption I am animal of addiction or maybe I accept some OCD). The acclimate that I accept accomplished active to plan these accomplished 13-years has consisted of the following: close pea-soup fog, monsoon-like rain, low temperatures of 10-below aught in winter (with snow drifts of capricious heights alignment from 3ft. to 10ft.) and top temperatures of 105 degrees in summer. There is a adduce attributed to Mark Twain that says: “If you don’t like the acclimate in New England now, just delay a few minutes.” You may be allurement yourself, did he say 13-years you accept been active this commute? Yes I have, but for the aboriginal 10-years of those 13 my workweek consisted of Wednesday (8am until 8:30pm), Saturday & Sunday (both of those canicule were aswell 8am until 8:30pm). My anxiety would go off at 3am on Wednesday mornings; I would in fact get out of bed ancient amid 3am and 3:30am. Then I would leave the abode about amid 4am and 4:30am (on canicule I was active backward I would leave about 5am). Then drive the 3-to-3-1/2-hour drive to work. Then plan the 12-1/2-hour shift. Leave plan at 8:30pm. Drive the 3-to-3-1/2-hour drive home. Get home amid 11pm and 12-midnight. So that agency I was alive about 19-hours. On the weekend I would break brief locally on Saturday night. If I collection home Saturday night I would get amid 3 and 3-1/2-hours of sleep. If I break brief I could get 6-hours or more. That is what I did for 10-years. Now in my new position which started March 3rd 2014 I go to plan Monday morning and break locally until I go home Friday night. My wife just loves it – NOT! Sometimes if I drive home on Friday and the cartage is absolutely bad it can yield 4-hours to get home. Oh well, suck-it-up buttercup. You accept to do what you accept to do. But I am digressing. On my drive these accomplished 13-years I accept apparent all kinds authorization plates that says things (I accept a account of 330 so far) like ‘NOSOUP4U’ or ‘PPLRSTPD’ and ‘XY GIRL’. I accept aswell apparent all kinds of drivers and all kinds of driving. Most truckers are acceptable drivers such as UPS drivers. Bad drivers are usually the ones active the Casino Buses. Yield and Stop signs are alternative for Rhode Island drivers (as are about-face signals). Massachusetts drivers are accepted as Mass-Holes (for acceptable reason!). New Jersey drivers apperceive area the gas pedal is for sure! New York drivers are accident takers. I plan in Yonkers (pronounced ‘Yonk Uzz’) in New York, but the Hospital I plan for is in the Bronx (Da Bronx). The pedestrians in the Bronx assume to be absent to the cartage or maybe its airs or maybe they just don’t care.

The afterward are the States and Cities I accept in fact apprenticed in:

Arkansas – assorted cities

California – San Diego

Colorado – Denver, Boulder

Connecticut – the accomplished accompaniment

Illinois – Chicago

Maine – assorted cities

Massachusetts – all over

Missouri – Jefferson City

Nevada – Las Vegas

New Hampshire – assorted cities

New Jersey – assorted cities

New York – all over

Ohio – Dayton

Oregon – assorted cities

Pennsylvania – assorted cities

Rhode Island – the accomplished accompaniment (because it is so huge!)

Texas – San Antonio

Vermont – assorted cities

Virginia – assorted cities

Washington Accompaniment – assorted cities

Washington, D.C. (District of Columbia)

Canada – Toronto

England – Margate, Ramsgate

I accept survived active in all the aloft places and my wife still thinks I don’t drive actual well!